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5 Steps for Success with Your Google Business Listing

The turn of the century has been more beneficial to us on a technological scale than we ever imagined. It has resulted in yearly device upgrades, faster connections, and has even impacted different industries such as the business industry. Specifically, the field of digital marketing has revolutionized the way
business owners promote, brand, and market their business. Different strategies give users either a paid or organic way to make the most of their marketing campaigns.

That said, perhaps the most effective digital marketing strategy can be seen with Google My Business service. Also known as the GMB service, this service is an online business awareness enhancer on the Google platform. It helps businesses take advantage of being on the largest search engine by boosting their online local placement when someone searches for their business service or name. For these reasons, it’s not hard to see why some are calling this service the cornerstone of digital marketing today. This service will soon become more important than it is now with the growth of online marketing strategies. Therefore, it’s important to jump on this service as soon as possible.

Here are five Google My Business steps that will allow you to succeed with your business.

Step #1: Make Sure All Your Business Info Is Correct

The first step to succeeding with your Google My Business listing is by making sure all your business information is correct. This phase is one of the easiest to complete as it takes place in the initial stages of setting up your GMB account. Worth noting, this tip should not be taken lightly. Every single detail is important in outranking a competing business with this service. In other words, the more accurate and detailed your business listing is, the higher the chances of your business outranking another becomes.

Step #2: Get Those Pictures Ready

As far as specifics are concerned, images are one of the most important components of a GMB account. It allows potential clients to get an inside look at your business, brand, and culture. Additionally, it gives you a chance to show your business on its best day. However, the quality and originality of the images are just as if not more important than only having pictures to post. Use your logo, business front, and team images but also inside the office images, images of your sign, pictures or your work or clients. Be original
and don’t copy images from the web.

Step #3: Don’t Forget About Posting Content

One of the most overlooked steps in having a successful GMB account is content. In reality, content can be one of the most effective ways to attract a client. This has been proven time after time with other digital marketing strategies. Also, posting content allows your listing to come off as more well-rounded and caring. Quite obviously, these qualities contribute to a more successful listing. As far as what content to post, it can be a coupon, a blog, a new product or service, industry information the options are endless.

Step #4: Reviews: Ask and Be Active

One of the main goals in optimizing your Google My Business listing is to receive positive reviews. There have been cases where negative reviews have completely derailed a thriving business. Even worse than that, just a small sample of negative reviews can be enough to hurt your business overnight. That said, a good way around this issue is to ask for genuine customer reviews. The customer that receives a good product or service will give you a good review. Ge a process set to ask for reviews and when you get a review to respond and say thanks.

Step #5: Stay Active and Make Changes

Your Google My Business listing should be growing a changing weekly. You don’t need to spend hours a week but maybe 30 minutes to respond to reviews, add new images, post a coupon or add some content. Google likes to see an active account and rewards with placement.

Google My Business as a Whol

The GMB service has proven to work for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. This free service can change the way your business is found and seen to the local community and really is the cornerstone of a solid search engine marketing platform. If you have questions about Google My Business or any digital marketing please contact The Legal Marketing Company for a free consultation.

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