What to Do About That Review

Like it or not online reviews are part of running a law firm today. Over 70% of people looking for an attorney in 2018 said they read or were influenced by a review, so online reviews can affect your law firm’s new client intake.

So how do you work reviews to your advantage? Here are a few pointers:

  • Control Your Reviews. Make sure you have access to your Google My Business, YelpAvvo, and Lawyers.com accounts. Once you have control make sure your profiles are complete and identify any “problem” reviews.
  • Respond to all positive reviews even if they are old, do it. More activity a review has may impact where the review shows on a site.
  • Get more reviews. A good offense is the best defense, get 30 positive reviews on each platform. I know this is not as easy as it sounds but invests in a platform like Birdeye that allows you to set an automatic process for reviews after a client’s case is complete. Remember, hit up your older clients also and colleagues.
  • Talk about your positive reviews. Use social media to highlight your reviews and client testimonials. Post your reviews with images on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, it will make a difference.
  • Fix the bad reviews. Don’t comment on bad reviews online right away, first try to get them removed. Removing a review is not easy but every platform has a process to request removal, use it and then use it again. Asking more than once is ok, old reviews or reviews that are vulgar are easier to remove. If the review is real, try talking with the client and if that does not work just leave a quick note saying, “We never want any client unhappy with our services and will reach out to address your concerns right away”

Take Control: Build a Review Process

There are dozens of review platforms out there to help create a process to get reviews from your clients. They allow for easy follow up and to direct the client where you want the review. Used correctly and managed a review platform can be a powerful piece of your marketing.

Reviews managed correctly can increase new client intake, improve the rank and help with local marketing but your law firm needs to take control of the process and of course provide great service.

If you have any questions about reviews and review platforms please reach out to The Legal Marketing Company we understand the review process and manage the process for dozens of law offices.

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