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Leverage the Power of Social Media To Attract New Clients

Social media marketing is a highly-effective strategy for law firms to attract and engage new clients. In fact, the American Bar Association found that 35% of lawyers who use social media professionally are successful in gaining new clients. The Legal Marketing Company leverages the power of social media for your law firm in a two-pronged strategy that attracts new prospects while redirecting qualified traffic to your legal website for easier conversion. Our experts utilize world-class tools to publish on all the top social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business (GMB), making sure your brand is visible to prospects on every major platform. Our social media experts keep your law firm relevant in the online sphere by regularly posting fresh and engaging content that invites prospects to connect with your services. 

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We can help your law firm reach its goals.

A FULL-SERVICE LEGAL MARKETING AGENCY. We can help your law firm reach its goals.

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Build Trust & Connections With Your Prospects

Social media offers a unique opportunity to build connections with your prospects, encouraging word-of-mouth referrals and facilitating the online circulation of your brand. The social media experts at The Legal Marketing Company know exactly how to promote your law firm for increased online exposure and positive brand awareness. Our social media marketing strategy works to build trust among prospects by sharing valuable information, including useful legal tips, legal news and industry updates. Furthermore, our posts are accompanied by original graphics that put a face to your brand and stand out amongst the heavily-recycled stock photos used by other law firms. Most importantly, our social media works to nurture your prospects by taking a personable approach, sharing your law firm’s history, milestones, legal victories, community/charity functions, and client testimonials. The result is an engaging marketing strategy that is highly effective for humanizing your brand and forming an emotional connection with potential clients so you’ll have a much easier time gaining their trust and loyalty.

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