Why Your Law Firm Should be Putting More Focus on Social Media

Why Your Law Firm Should be Putting More Focus on Social Media

Social media is an effective way to reach consumers, clients, and almost anyone else. For years, it has been a popular marketing channel for all types and sizes of consumer brands. You have likely seen brands like Wendy’s, Apple, and others dominating social media with unique and effective strategies.

As a legal industry player, you may think your law firm and services do not have a place among these brands; however, that is not the case. In fact, according to one survey, up to 54% of legal consumers stated they would “likely” hire a lawyer who is active on social media.

Effective social media strategies can help you attract new clients and build new connections. While true, some law firms still struggle to use social media effectively. It could be a huge missed opportunity if you are in this group and continue to shy away from this marketing channel.

Here, you can learn more about the benefits of creating a social media strategy for your law firm and how we can help you get there.

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Why Now Is a Good Time to Invest in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for law firms offers more than a few benefits. Here are some reasons to take the plunge if you are on the fence regarding this strategy.

Build Brand Awareness

People are spending more time than ever on social media. Many consumers have stated that they have increased the use of these platforms for personal use in recent years.

What does this mean for your law firm?

Establishing and maintaining a social presence can help you get your message in front of your target audience and increase brand awareness.

Create and Run Ads

As you browse social media, your feed looks different than it did just a few years ago. While you can still see your favorite pages, posts from friends, and other information, you also see ads. Social media ads are not only present, but they are effective.

Studies have shown that social media ads do not perform as well as PPC and other marketing tactics for law firms. With this in mind, it is clear that lawyers should be using social media to advertise their services. While this is beneficial, you should put only some of your ad dollars here.

One reason for this is that people go to social media to relax and take a break. It is unlikely they are looking to hire an attorney at that specific moment.

At this point, you may wonder what’s the purpose, then?

Ads can help your law firm build brand awareness, engage potential clients, and benefit lead generation. Using frequency ads is helpful because potential clients will remember you. Those who remember you for doing a good job are more likely to contact you when they have a legal matter suited for you.

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Better Engage Your Target Audience

Social media sites help you reach and interact with your target audience. When comments and messages get posted on social media, you also better understand what clients want when searching for legal assistance.

Being present on social media gives you an edge over the competition. Also, thanks to instant messaging options on most social media platforms, it is possible to address a potential client’s needs immediately. You can also use the information here to guide your marketing strategies.

Improve Your Lawyer SEO Campaign

Google favors law firms that remain active on social media. Google favoring specific law firms means when you create and implement an SEO strategy that includes sharing and publishing content, Google receives signals that will boost your SEO efforts.

For example, if you publish an applicable personal injury or drug possession resource and share it on social media, Google will notice. Posting niche content is a strategy that helps you build your brand, become more valuable to your target audience, and establish links to your published content.

If you have a resource that is sharable and it gains links, Google may view it as a viable piece of content. When this happens, it will start to rank higher in SERPs. Even if the resource does not earn links, staying active on social media signals that your law firm is in business and engaging with people regularly.

Establish Your Law Firm as a Thought Leader

A reason that social media is effective when it comes to attracting potential clients is that it helps you show your expertise.

It is possible to use social media to share valuable information. When you do this, you can establish your credibility while winning the trust of your audience.

Educate Your Potential Clients

If you provide legal services in more than one area of law, consider this question: Do your former or current clients know about all the legal services you offer?

In many situations, clients need to be made aware of the legal services offered by the law firm they are using.

Not showcasing your niche and specified practice areas is a missed marketing opportunity. This missed opportunity can result in the loss of countless referrals. Clients will likely return to you with future legal matters and refer others to you if they are pleased with your work..

A great way to ensure that past and current clients know about your services is by sharing your profiles on social media and remaining active. Not only will this help you build your reputation and credibility in the legal field, but it is also an effective way to let clients know about all your legal services.

Are You Ready to Create a Social Strategy for Your Law Firm?

Even if you have a profile on social media, if you are not posting regularly and engaging with others, it is not benefiting your law firm. As you can see from the information above, being active on social media provides more than a few benefits for your law firm.

If you are ready to create a social media strategy, we can help. At The Legal Marketing Company, our team can ensure your social media presence provides all the benefits. The first step is to contact us or schedule a meeting here.

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