5 Things Your Business Can Do to Keep Your Marketing Safe

As a business owner, you work hard to get new clients and grow a solid business foundation. Some can do this on their own but most will hire a person or agency to help them or to manage their marketing altogether. Through the years, marketing your business creates dozens, even hundreds, of online profiles, links, and accounts that have different usernames and passwords.

How are you keeping track of these? Who is keeping track of these? What happens when you lose them?

When a marketing agency is let go or stops working with your business for any reason, where does the access to the work completed go? Good agencies will keep detailed records but these are few and far between and most will just delete your records and move on. Your business needs to take control. Here are several ideas you can use to do just that.

  1. Always be the owner of the account. Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., make sure your email is the owner of the account. If your marketing firm is the primary owner of the account you have almost no rights.
  2. Create a marketing Gmail account to use for all marketing and link building. An example would be yourbusiness@gmail.com. If you don’t want to mix social and SEO build an email for both. Don’t use your email, as it will drive a lot of spam to your account.
  3. Try a password storing and sharing system like LastPass so you don’t have to give out passwords to everyone and you can share as needed without everyone having your password. The cost is low and it makes things simple and secure.
  4. Set the rule with your digital marketing agency that you own everything. If they say their link building is special or proprietary just find another group, as it is clear they are lying. Create a Google drive or  shared folder where all completed work is kept on a master file for easy viewing.
  5. The last consideration is your business website. Make sure once you pay for it you own it and all the material on it. Many marketing contracts state your ownership of the site ends with the end of the contract or you have to pay an exit fee to get your website. READ THE FINE PRINT.

You went into business to run a business, not to market it. Taking time to control your marketing will save you hundreds even thousands down the road, and help you build a better business.

If you have questions about your business’s marketing or anything we mentioned above please give The Legal Marketing Company a call, consultations are always free. 904-385-9124

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