Why Producing High-Quality Content & Informative Blog Posts Matter

Why Producing High-Quality Content & Informative Blog Posts Matter

Did you know that more than seven million blog posts are published online every day? That’s a lot of competition. Although that number spreads throughout all industries, many legal blogs exist.

If you do not rank in the top spot on Google, it means your competition does. While most published articles will never see the “light,” the ones with something in common are full of high-quality content.

Here, you can learn more about the importance of quality content and why it needs to be a massive part of your legal marketing strategy.

If you need help creating an effective content strategy, contact our team at The Legal Marketing Company. We can help you achieve the success you were hoping for by creating a custom strategy for your law firm and implementing it.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content for law firms provides informative, accurate information that potential clients search for online. It is clear, and concise and shows someone they can trust your legal services and abilities.

Even though there are different types of content, there are a few markers of quality content you should focus on that, including the following:

  • Value- When you create quality content, it offers value to your readers. The takeaway varies depending on your post; however, it is something that readers will find value in reading.
  • Relevance- Creating online content means writing relevant posts. The entire post should focus on the main idea, and you should stay on-topic. Going off-topic or on tangents will only create confusion and cause readers to look for information elsewhere in the future.
  • Originality- You cannot afford to have copied content on your website. Not only is this bad for your readers, but it will also impact your rank in Google. Be sure you create helpful and authentic content with each post.
  • Consistency- You cannot create one great article and think it will be a miracle worker. You must be consistent and continually deliver high-quality content for it to make a difference.

Factors like the writing style, presentation, and structure will vary; however, the characteristics above will always be present in quality content.

Build Rapport and Trust with Potential Customers

When someone visits your site, they should find relevant and valuable information. When this is present, it helps establish trust since they can see you are honest and strive to provide accurate legal information and advice. When it comes to digital PR, quality content is a winning strategy.

Quality content is the foundation of any effective content marketing strategy. It does not matter how well you market the content you create – if the writing is dull or thin, it will not benefit the reader and overall not perform well.

It is essential to create authoritative content that resonates with your audience. Providing answers to your audience’s questions, or even waiting to ask, will increase your brand awareness and help you reach more people.

Increases Website Traffic and SEO Rankings

Quality, well-written, interesting articles, blogs, or videos on your law firm’s website will attract more people than low-quality, high-quantity posts. Your website will also rank higher on Google search when you post high-quality content regularly.

Google likes seeing new, original content. You are likely not ranking well if you do not have this on your website.

Repurposing content is a great way to get more high-quality content published on your site quickly. As mentioned above, when it comes to content, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can even repurpose old content with new and relevant information.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

84% of law firms generate leads through organic social media traffic. You likely know how powerful social media can be. These platforms can help you promote the legal services you offer and give you a direct way to reach your audience.

If you create a post or a tweet on a trending topic, it can help improve your law firm’s brand. Promoting high-quality content will also increase your total number of followers.

While your number of followers is not everything, it is an essential factor and one you can improve with high-quality content.

Establish Yourself or Your Law Firm as an Authority

People who need legal services want to know if the law firm or attorney they hire is an expert. If you do not present yourself as an authority, then you will not generate much trust, and as a result, potential clients will go elsewhere for their legal needs.

Along with creating informative and accurate blogs and articles, you also need backlinks to your content. Unfortunately, over 66% of pages online today do not have any backlinks. Having no backlinks is terrible news for your article and will impact its rankings significantly.

Keep Your Readers Coming Back

Only 27% of law firms say they have an active blog. You must post high-quality content consistently, so your readers have a reason to return. If you have a blog full of outdated, stale information, people who visit are not likely to return.

If you are still determining what type of information to post, see what your audience is talking about or the questions they are asking on social media. Social listening is a great way to get post ideas. You must ensure people are interested in what you are writing about and want to know more.

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