The Top Marketing Tools for Divorce Attorneys

The Top Marketing Tools for Divorce Attorneys

Are you ready to make progress on your law firm’s marketing goals this year? If so, using the right marketing tools is essential.

However, there are a lot of options to choose from, which can make the decision overwhelming – especially if you are trying to manage a practice and clients. Here, we have outlined some of the best tools to add to your marketing arsenal to enhance your results.

Our Marketing Tool Recommendations

Email Marketing Platforms

Email marketing is a must in the legal industry. There are a few tools that can make the entire process easier.


Mailchimp is a great option for small and large law firms because it offers free and paid plans. It provides ready-to-use templates that are designed for your industry. You can also integrate Mailchimp with programs like Salesforce, which can help simplify client communication.

You do not need prior design knowledge to use Mailchimp for creating an email campaign. It offers a drag-and-drop editor and designer and an automation platform that lets you create an automated flow to send messages in response to specific actions.


Another affordable option is SendFox, a great choice to scale your email marketing efforts. You can opt for the free version, which offers all the features you need to build an email list, add forms to your website, send newsletters, and use automation.

The paid version costs just $50 and gives you lifetime access to unlimited sends each month, 5,000 contacts, and minimal SendFox branding on your emails.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media is a crucial part of reaching and communicating with clients. The best tools to consider for social media management are listed here.


Using social media to its full potential can be an excellent source of leads for your divorce law firm. Hootsuite is an inexpensive tool that helps you organize all your social profiles.

This tool lets you connect all your profiles, schedule your posts, and engage your clients or audience from a single dashboard. This ensures a more cohesive social media marketing strategy.

The Legal Marketing Company is a full-service marketing agency for law firms. If you have questions about intake or marketing you law firm please give us a call. 904-385-9124.

It is also possible to see what posts generate the most results and engagement. This information can be used to inform your strategies moving forward.


This is another comprehensive tool to help you with social media management. With this tool, you can monitor the mentions of your law firm, your attorneys (by name), and your competition. All this information is provided in real-time.

You can also respond to messages from the Mention platform.

Marketing Automation Software

With marketing automation software, you can create a marketing strategy and have confidence it will be executed. Some of the software tools we recommend for this include those listed here.


Concep is an email marketing platform; however, it has automation capabilities designed for law firms. The main selling point of this software is the native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LexisNexis InterAction, which are commonly used CRMs by law firms.

The analytics, forms, and integrations provided make it possible to automate common processes and workflows. All this makes it easier to connect with leads and potential clients.


This is a smart option for bigger law firms that will use all the features offered. The interface is easy to use, and this is a powerful marketing automation tool that can help you take control of all your law firm’s efforts in a single location.

Tips for Selecting the Right Tools

When choosing marketing tools, there are a few factors to consider to help you select the tools best suited for your needs. These include the following:

Marketing Goals

What are your specific marketing goals? What tools do you need to meet them? Are there areas of marketing you struggle with? Answering these questions can help you determine the tools you should use.


Your budget will also determine the tools you choose. For example, some of the tools above offer free versions, which are great for smaller firms or those with a smaller marketing budget. However, tools like Marketo may be ideal if you have a larger marketing budget. While it is more expensive, it also offers more features and capabilities.

Our Experienced Marketing Team Can Help

The marketing tools here can help you manage your digital presence. However, if you want to focus on your clients and law firm, we can help. At The Legal Marketing Company, we can handle your marketing strategy and help you achieve the desired results.

Contact our team today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and goals.

The Legal Marketing Company is a full-service marketing agency for law firms. If you have questions about intake or marketing you law firm please give us a call. 904-385-9124.

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