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Types of Paid Search Marketing For Lawyers

Paid search is an excellent marketing strategy to help you drive valuable leads to your company. Yet, paid search marketing or Pay-per-click (PPC) needs to be more utilized and understood in legal marketing campaigns. When implementing a lawyer PPC campaign, you include ads targeting search interests. The objective is to

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Powerful Website

As a lawyer, you know the importance of having a solid argument. It is what deconstructs opposing logic and persuades judges and juries to pass favorable verdicts. What makes a case for your law firm when potential clients search for legal services? In fairness, an excellent success rate will speak

10 Steps to Writing a Great Legal Blog

Law firms and lawyers experience several benefits by writing engaging and compelling blogs, including public relations, thought leadership, reputation management, marketing, and business development. However, before jumping into legal blogging, learning what makes a quality blog is essential before jumping into legal blogging. You can find copious amounts of legal

How to create a successful online presence for your law firm

As a law firm, it’s crucial to have a solid online presence. A strong online presence allows potential clients to find you quickly and helps build trust among those who may be considering hiring you. A robust website with great content can make all the difference in whether or not

Is Remarketing or Retargeting Right for You?

Remarketing and retargeting are two very similar marketing strategies that involve targeting an audience based on their previous interactions with your brand or website. While both strategies take a slightly different approach, they both share the same end goal of converting potential customers into customers. Remarketing Remarketing is when you

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