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How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Family Law Website 

Working as a family law attorney means you focus on protecting people’s rights regarding family issues like divorce, asset division, marital disagreements, child custody, neglect, and abuse. With so much to focus on, you probably do not have much time for SEO (search engine optimization). However, it is important to

What Is Voice Search and How Can It Benefit Law Firms?

Voice search is used by 41% of adults in the U.S., according to a Google Mobile voice survey. Twenty-five to 49-year-olds are the top age group to use this technology. With voice search, it is possible to search applications, websites, and the internet by saying the search query aloud. It

Why Your Law Firm Should be Putting More Focus on Social Media

Social media is an effective way to reach consumers, clients, and almost anyone else. For years, it has been a popular marketing channel for all types and sizes of consumer brands. You have likely seen brands like Wendy’s, Apple, and others dominating social media with unique and effective strategies. As

The Importance of Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Landing Pages 

Landing pages are standalone pages designed to help you capture a visitor’s contact information. Unlike the homepage on your website, a landing page is a lead generation opportunity. When created, they have a specific target and purpose. When they are effective, landing pages help your law firm convert more visitors

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