Legal Guest Blogs and Placement

Legal Guest Blogs and Placement

Network & Showcase Your Expertise With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the act of writing content to post on another organization’s website for the purpose of showcasing your firm’s expertise and building industry connections. By  writing a guest post, you position yourself as an authority figure on your chosen topic and establish a reputation for thought leadership among your legal peers. A well-written guest blog post can offer high-impact benefits for your legal digital marketing. Guest blogs generate more backlinks to your website through publishing credits and bylines, which in turn improves your legal website’s search engine rankings. Additionally, high-quality guest blogs encourage Google to view you as an authority source, which also boosts your rankings.
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Other benefits to guest blogging include:

The great thing about guest blogging is that it operates on the principle of mutual benefits: you gain a spot on someone else’s website, and they’re able to share your legal expertise to benefit their audience.  

The Guest Blogging Process

Guest blogging is a core component of a holistic SEO strategy that aids in boosting your legal website’s authority and rankings on Google. However, because of the great benefits, guest blogging can be an extremely time-consuming marketing investment. Let the experts at The Legal Marketing Company do the heavy-lifting for you. We’ll scout and research the most relevant online legal publications including general and niche sites, as well as sites where your competitors have published guest blogs. Our strict vetting process ensures that we are securing guest blogs exclusively on high-quality, highly-trafficked domains. We then craft original authoritative legal content tailored to each site’s audience for optimal relevance. Finally, our experts reach out to these domains one-by-one to personally pitch these stories on your behalf. Over time, the result is an established network of legal industry connections pushing your branding among their own audiences and increasing your firm’s credibility in the eyes of search engines. Let your peers advertise your firm for you by taking your networking efforts online and investing in this legal digital marketing strategy today. 

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