Concierge Level

Concierge Level

Take Your Legal Marketing to the Next Level With Our Concierge Programs​

The Legal Marketing Company’s concierge level marketing programs give you and your law firm the next level of legal marketing and service like you have never experienced delivered in custom law firm marketing solutions.

Here is how the concierge marketing process works:

Paul Eisen and his team are EFFECTIVE, reliable and trustworthy. We have had used many marketing companies before The Legal Marketing Company and none of them compare. I highly recommend.
Ronald Zimmet Jr.
Managing Partner of Zimmet & Zimmet P.A.

The Benefits You Can Expect When You Choose The Legal Marketing Company

What is included in your program will be presented in detail with your proposal and contract. However, the following items are included with every contract when you choose The Legal Marketing Company:

  • Unlimited changes: If we designed your website, there is no limit to the changes we can make for you.
  • Exclusivity and Right of Refusal: We do not overlap clients in the same practice area in the same market. We even offer you the right to refuse service to another attorney in a different practice area – no questions asked.
  • Full access to our team: You will have our phone and cell phone number and we will answer. Our team will meet with you and talk to you as much as you would like, and of course, email is always an option.
  • No upselling: Once we settle on a program, the cost does not change. What is in the contract is the minimum we will do and if we must do more to reach your goals, we will do it.
  • Full-service marketing consultants: For many of our clients, we will review all the law firm’s marketing – even take the calls and negotiate the contracts. We have over 20 years’ experience and know the options in legal marketing.
  • Short-term contracts: We have no problem with three-month contracts and then month-to-month. Our work should be the reason you do business with us, not a contract.
  • Work changes: Legal marketing is changing daily and at times, we need to change your program to match Google updates and to move ahead in the market. Every change is communicated and the reasoning is clear.
  • True partnership: Honestly this does not happen with every client but we would like it to. Building trust and a long-term relationship is key to success for both of us. We have clients that have been with us for 8 years because there is trust and we get them results.

The Legal Marketing Company is happy to do the work and research to build out a detailed proposal of what needs to be done to reach your goals. If you like what we have to say, let’s get started. If not, use the research and give it to your current provider. Either way, you have nothing to lose by connecting with us today for a free consultation to discuss custom law firm marketing solutions.

Our Concierge Programs​

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