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With the launch of Apple Business Connect , the power is in your hands to reach Apple app users and make your law firm stand out from the crowd. 

With Apple Business Connect, Apple users can now view business page promotions, photos, and buttons. In addition, add more details to business listings, enabling law firms to update and control their organization’s information from the platform. 

Business Connect will enhance visibility across the 1.5 billion Apple devices globally.

What is Apple Business Connect?

But what is it?

Put simply, Apple Business Connect is essentially Google Business Profile but for Apple Maps. It’s not completely new, but Apple Business Connect is re-branded and more powerful than ever. Being present means your law firm appears in Apple Maps, Safari, Siri Search, and Wallet App. With Apple Business Connect, you can take control of how potential clients view your information and the impression you make.

What Does Apple Business Connect Offer Your Law Firm?

Take control of how people see your law firm. Apple Business Connect offers unique features that optimize your presence and showcase what you do.

The following are the principal features of Apple Business Connect:

Fully customizable Place Cards.

With this feature, you can add photos, logos, header images, and more to your profile and manage opening and closing hours from an easy-to-use interface.


Showcases allow your firm to offer and give your clients incentives.


With this feature, law firm partners will benefit from insights from within Apple Maps. Insights will allow attorneys to understand their clients better in a move that will improve service delivery. In addition, Apple Business Connect will be seen as a welcome addition to Apple Maps since Google is wiping out its Insights functionality.

Call-to-Action Buttons:

Make reaching out easy for potential clients by adding appointment booking, call, and chat buttons on your Place Card.

Business Registration.

Customer Call-To-Action Buttons.

Each place card allows you to accept client appointments, chat with clients, or allow them to book services directly from the platform.

New APIs.

For law firms with multiple locations across the U.S., these new features will deliver accurate and timely information at scale.

We can help your law firm reach its goals.

A FULL-SERVICE LEGAL MARKETING AGENCY. We CAN help your law firm reach its goals.

Is It Really Worth It?

In the past, law firms depended on Google and Google Products to reach and engage with clients and potential clients. With Apple Business Connect, you have a new opportunity to do this.

While Apple will gain from this new offering, your law firm can be the real winner. Your services and offers will be front-and-center for Apple customers, who make up about 50% of Americans who own smart devices! Plus he ability to manage multiple listings on Apple Maps means that customers no longer need have to switch to Google Maps to find your other locations.

Apple Business Connect’s user interface is more interactive, meaning you can expect added customer interactions.

  • Improved User Experiences
  • Apple Business Connect Will Help You Keep Business Listings Up to Date.
  • Improved Customer Engagements
  • You Can Post News to Apple Showcases.
  • Easy Integration to Apple Maps

Get Started with Us

How to Get Started with Apple Business Connect 

The legal industry is competitive. If you do not fully understand your client’s needs, you cannot meet (or exceed) them.
Apple Business Connect has made it even easier to get to know your clients and help you reach them when they need your services, thanks to Insights. Insights lets you see what people are searching for before clicking on your location. You can also receive Insights about the content and information on your Place Card.

Learn About Your Clients to Serve Them Better 

One of the most exciting features of this is the ability to make your place card in Apple Maps (and on other apps) interactive. For example, you can add a call-to-action button for clients to contact you or schedule an appointment. You can also add incentives to encourage potential clients to take the desired action.
In the competitive legal world, making it as easy as possible for clients to contact you is imperative. Apple Maps has simplified this significantly, benefiting you and your law firm in the long run.

Apple Maps Is Growing

Now is the time to update your Apple Business Connect listing (or create one). It’s free and used by more people than you realize.

Apple Map’s popularity is growing, so you must ensure your law firm is present and accounted for.
The Legal Marketing Company can help you set up a customized Place Card highlighting your law firm while ensuring you make your mark on Apple Maps.