5 Ways to Increase your Law Firm’s Email Marketing Contacts List

5 Ways to Increase your Law Firm’s Email Marketing Contacts List

Email marketing continues to be one of the most important aspects of digital marketing for any business, and that includes law firms.

If you feel like your law firm has not quite tapped into the email marketing game, then act fast. Emails account for a significant return on investment.

According to 2019 research, email marketing can give your law firm a return of $42 for every dollar you invest.

Now you know email marketing is a powerful money-making tool to be leveraged. It’s time to start adding to your law firm’s email list.

Below is a list of five strategies you can use that will deliver some great results and increase your existing client base.

1. Craft a law firm email newsletter that provides value to your clients

According to 2019 statistics, legal email newsletters have an average open rate of 22%. How does your current email open rate compare? If you want to increase your email audience engagement and gain a steady stream of  contacts, craft a newsletter that will provide value to readers.

In order to be valuable, a newsletter should provide useful and relevant information related to your law firm. It should serve as a reminder to your clients of what sets your law firm apart and the types of services you provide. Drive traffic to your law firm website by including some of your best blog posts, or inform readers of any big changes in law that they should know.

You can also use newsletters to update readers on news about your law firm. For example, talk about a new attorney hire, a recent award, or participation in a charity event. Keep your clients connected to your business happenings and keep yourself at the front of their mind.

At the end of the day, newsletters build brand awareness. Even if they don’t convert immediately, contacts who regularly receive your newsletters will have your information ready in their inbox to hire you in the near future.

2. Mine your website and social media visitors for prospects

Any people who have contacted or engaged with your law firm through social media channels should be added to your email list.

For example, take some time on LinkedIn to send prospects a message inviting them to learn about your services. Make sure you’re not being invasive. Offer helpful information and present yourself as an easy solution to their legal problems.

Visitors to your firm’s website are also a major source of prospects for your email list. Your website should use powerful call-to-action (CTA) messages that encourage these visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

You can also have a query section in place where visitors can ask questions about your services, or submit any concerns. In exchange, they’ll submit their email address to you for a prompt follow-up.

3. Don’t forget to add existing or previous clients to your law firm email list

Don’t get so caught up in searching for new prospects that you forget to add current clients to your email list. You might be wondering about the purpose of adding existing or previous clients, since they’ve already worked with you and know about your firm.

But that’s exactly why they need to be on your list. Existing clients can become repeat clients. More importantly, they can expand your contacts list for you by forwarding your emails to friends and family.

In fact, around 80% of small-to-medium-size businesses use email lists for retention purposes. This should give you an idea of how effective this tool can be for building loyalty. Don’t overlook the benefits of establishing long-term relationships with existing and previous clients. Keep in touch.

4. Use an email service provider for increased efficiency

Your job does not end with adding to your law firm’s email list. You also need to make sure you maintain the integrity of this hard-won list and optimize the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.

By optimizing, we mean that you tailor your emails to the people you are sending them to. This involves advanced processes like personalization, setting up email sequences, and most importantly, tracking campaign results.

These processes are a ton of work if done manually. Instead, use an email service provider like MailChimp or Hubspot to automate your email campaigns, from start to finish. If you’re not sure how to choose, our legal marketing services can help you decide on an email service provider  best suited for your law firm’s email marketing goals.

5. Be creative with your law firm email content and subject line

Around 35% of emails sent are left unread. The average person is flooded with hundreds of emails a day, and not all of them are enticing enough to get readers to open them. Avoid this sad fate by getting creative with your email’s subject line and content.

One of the more important aspects of an email is the subject line, which should be interesting enough for your prospects to actually open your email. To figure out what readers consider to be interesting, run some A/B testing with different subject lines, and see which ones result in the highest open rates.

As stated previously, if your email content provides value, receivers will be eager to read them. It’s as simple as that.

Valuable content can include eBooks containing up-to-date comprehensive solutions to a common legal problem that your clients struggle with. For example, you can include a guide on “Who is responsible if I slip and fall in a grocery store?”

Such eBooks offer helpful content. They are likely to be read by recipients because they offer a ready solution to the exact issue they might be facing.

Let us maximize your law firm email list to increase your bottom line

Now that you know of the best ways to increase your law firm’s email list, it’s time to start using these strategies! You may not have the time to leverage these tips alone, so don’t hesitate to rely on the 20+ years of legal marketing experience offered by The Legal Marketing Company .
Our expert knowledge of law firm digital marketing will maximize your email lists to work for you and increase your bottom line. Contact The Legal Marketing Company or give us a call today at 904-385-9124 to discuss how we can take your email marketing to the next level. The view is always better from the top.

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