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Compelling & Professional Quality Legal Video Production

The Legal Marketing Company partners with some of the best video production vendors in the country to provide your firm with powerful branded video content. Whether short-form or  long-form, our videos communicate your firm’s story and value in the most compelling formats including attorney profiles, client testimonials, firm introductions, frequently asked questions, and more. We do the research to understand what your clientele is searching for and produce video narratives that deeply resonate and inspire action.
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Legal Video Marketing That Drives New Case Intake

As the largest video-sharing website, YouTube boasts over 4 billion video views each day so it’s easy to see the pervasive influence of videos in the digital marketing sphere. This is especially true for the legal industry where prospects are searching online for answers to their burning legal questions, with many preferring a more engaging medium that combines visual and auditory formats. After all, viewers retain 20% of what they hear but they retain 80% of what they see and hear. By investing in video marketing, you allow your legal website to be more accessible to a greater number of prospects and guarantee that your brand stays on their mind long after the video ends. At The Legal Marketing Company, our video marketing services grow your online reputation and propel the right prospects to engage with your law firm. We do this through optimized YouTube ads, video-sharing on social media channels, and video link-building across the web. Our video marketing shares your story among relevant audiences to drive new case intake.

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